Thursday, October 27, 2011

Water Tanks And Its Role In the Water Conservation

Water is important to one’s health and hygiene, and so people strive to store enough water at home and industries. The earlier people were the one who came up with the concept and use of Water Tanks. The importance of water tanks was first identified with the explorations made by archeologists.

Drinking at least 8 glass of water daily is a common reminder being given to people. Nonetheless, the claim of increased water intake is not derived from any studies or research. A few years back, different efforts were made in order to clarify the concerns about the appropriate water intake level.

Though it is suggested that 8 glasses of water must be drunk, there is still some doubts about the number. Based from British Dietetic Association, it is said that 1.8 liters a day is the recommended water intake. On the other hand, American RDI came up with a different a different standard. Water being ingested during meals is also being accounted in getting the overall water intake.

It is expected that every glass of water would contain at least minimal amount of minerals. These minerals constitute calcium, zinc, potassium and chloride, just to name a few. The moment you ingest water, minerals and other elements goes together inside one's human body.

The presence of different water sources makes America not susceptible to drought. Africa, unlike America, has an immense problem when it comes to source of clean water. Clean drinking water is a priviledge being enjoyed and made available to only 27% of the people residing in rural places.

Surveys and research estimate that about 884 million people do not have access to good water sources, and about 746 million of these reside in rural areas. By being subjected to poor water source, the said countries place immense importance on water. Due to the limited amount of water we have, some people would just settle to drinking dirty water.

People should bear in mind that our world is being surrounded by water not recommended for human consumption. In terms of water allowed for human consumption, people could consider freshwater as a viable source. People need not to look any further as freshwater is being seen all over around us like rain, desalinating seawater and even plants.

In developed countries, water is delivered to homes and industries through comprehensive and complex city and national water piping systems. However, due to wear and tear, most city piping and plumbing that have been put in place at the turn of the century have now deteriorated. Water pollution is evident these days through the presence of pipes being covered with rust and dirt.

In desert countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and neighboring nations, water is scarce, and so it is typical to see homes with a cistern, water tower or water tank. In drought stricken country, a single drop of water is everything. Agriculture is still possible in places with poor water resources by means of using dry land farming and the like.

Though agricultural difficulties could occur, water tank system can be of immense assistance. The situation of water scarcity, people need to make immediate conservation action. Homes as well as other industries must make it a point to place the necessary water tanks and containers.

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